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Hello, I’m Ankit Parekh, founder of OKANKIT. Former software engineer turned internet marketer, my team and I have generated over $1 million in the last two years through successful affiliate marketing, with a focus on media buying. Sharing insights on my YouTube channel with 64,000+ subscribers, OKANKIT aims to empower individuals and businesses in achieving online marketing success through dedication, continuous learning, and effective strategies. Thank you for your interest; we’re here to support your journey in the world of online marketing.


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What people Are Saying About Me

“Ankit sir is one of the honest and real person, I’m doing affiliate marketing from last 2 years but didn’t get wanted results, I uses most of the different type of methods but Most methods are just over my head, one day I searching on YouTube about how to get free traffic for affiliate marketing that time I found OkAnkit’s channel and video title is “how I made $453 using free Pinterest method” I just replicate that method and I got 20k free traffic on my Pinterest page within a month, same as he shows how he doing paid advertising through Google Ads around 1 hour 25 min video length and i want to say that video taught me a lot means no one teach premium skills absolutely free ankit sir is real gem.”
“When I have done my affiliate marketing I have seen lots of videos n took few courses but after spending time and money I didn’t get any result and I decided to give up but before giving up one of my friend have given me some hope . He suggested me to see ok ankit video when I started watching his video believe me guys I got lots of motivation n hope that I can do this very easily . And after watching his video I have earned money believe me ok ankit is very genuine person he shares each and every thing about affiliate marketing. You can trust him blindly and if you follow his strategy I m sure you will get success…”
“I Started Learning about creating google ads Champaign for one of my affiliate product which I was promoting back than, than I came across his you tube channel named ( ok ankit ) and his videos help me a lot to get deep learning about google ads , except that , whenever I stuck somewhere I simply ask him on Instagram and he reply & solve my all quires. I am really grateful for him , He is a good and helping person.”
“Hey there, I am doing affiliate marketing since past 2 years now & I’m watching Okankit’s YouTube videos from past 1.5 years now when he had less then 200 subscribers. He helped me a lot in my affiliate journey. Ankit also supported me on instagram chats & always guided me in a right and best ways possible. I am very thankful to him for what he had done for me :)”
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